Product Introduction CNC steel bending machine is designed for high-rise buildings, highways, high-speed railways, bridges and other large projects the main skeleton of reinforced concrete structures bending performance products, high strength can be processed largest rebar diameter φ32mm. Characterized by a reinforced middle stepping mechanism, there are two bending heads can move freely on a particular track. suitable for russian concrete vibrator With two-way processing capacity at the same time bending over a unit of work. 1, high-quality electronic components to the product performance, reliability and low failure rate Imported dedicated CNC control system, well-known brand servo motor, combined with touch screen control interface, easy to operate within the electric control program can store up to hundreds of graphics and a database. 2, integrated design, high-strength mobile track design, durable and simple operation, one cycle of high-intensity multiple angles bendable automatic feeding frame, a solid carrier material forming the largest agencies to ensure the accuracy of the flexible intensify curved telescopic shaft parts to achieve a biaxial bending reinforcement learning simple and easy to use, you can learn one hour. 3, Seiko secret agents Quality Assurance Bend the front panel, high quality steel heat treatment mandrel bending, wear and long life. Each part was fine manufacture. The assembly workers were trained. 4, high efficiency and high precision Curved spindle servo control, high precision bending concrete vibrator price movement with high servo motor driven, disposable bendable length precision plurality of reinforced, high efficiency can be preset maximum graphics database of hundreds of high graphic production efficiency, average daily processing capacity of 5500 root, can replace 12 workers, more than 10 times the traditional processing equipment production. product description CNC steel bending machine is accurately controlled by the industrial computer to replace manual bending bending machine, the main processing steel bar, bendable GB reinforced within 50mm. The device is capable of processing a plurality of steel, has the shape of a standard process, the advantages of a large amount of processing. Alternatively artificial 20-30. The device can be reinforced and CNC cutting production line supporting the use, also can work alone, the construction of reinforced high-volume automated bending, processed iron, nuclear power projects and other special super reinforced. The device has to bend at the same time can be more within a unit of work, the two curved hosts simultaneously, greatly improving efficiency, can carry five tons of raw materials, greatly reduce the labor intensity. Widely used in building construction. A bending machine fixed, the other bending machine can be moved automatically into manual operation mode and automatic modes. Reinforced conveyor table composed of a plurality of power rollers, complete steel automatic transmission and holding material around the conveyor roller with high-quality rubber surface to reduce noise and improve efficiency. Controlled by a pneumatic lift mechanism, it can automatically locate rebar double bender head, and has been transferred to the bent steel storage silos. Multilevel storage silo can store finished steel processed, convenient The control system uses imported CNC, PLC control can be turned, set the LCD intelligent display. : You can set continuous task, good quality concrete vibrating screed a loop can process multiple angles, with a task storage. Imported motor with inverter control bending, bending speed can be adjusted, and encoder control precision bending angles. Bending machines Bending mechanism by the industrial computer control, machining angles accurate to 1 °, cut-length accurate to 1mm Site processing According to the model and rebar diameter, it can be processed at the same time a plurality of reinforcement.